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Our Covid Policies and Guidelines

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RCC Covid Protocol
Updated 1/11/22


Riverside has received new guidance from EEC in collaboration with MDPH and the CDC. We
have incorporated these guidelines into our RCC policy and will begin following them
immediately until further notification from our licensor or other government agency.

Risk Mitigation at the Center:
  ● Ventilation- We will have 2 HEPA air filters running and at least 2 windows open at least 2 inches at all times in every classroom.
  ● Masking-
     ○ All Staff will wear N95 or KN95 masks or double masks while indoors.
     ○ Children over 2 will mask, higher grade masks are recommended, at all times when inside except for eating and sleeping. Those with a disability who cannot wear a mask or cannot safely wear a mask, due to developmental delays are exempt and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Children can also wear masks outside at parents’ request.

  ● Separate cohorts- Children will not combine with another class inside. They will continue to share outdoor play yard spaces with one other group.
  ● Distancing- While eating children will sit apart from others with a divider between shared tables. While napping children will be 6 ft apart from each other.
  ● Vaccination- Staff are required to complete all recommended vaccines or test each week.
  ● Testing- Anyone with symptoms will test and remain at home unless they have a negative test result. PCR or Antigen tests are acceptable.

The bolded COVID-19 symptoms below (when they occur alone) should require
immediate exclusion from care. The non-bolded symptoms should be managed on a
case-by-case basis by Riverside and the family depending upon the severity,
combination of symptoms, and child illness policies of the program.

     ○ Fever (100.0 degrees Fahrenheit or higher,) chills or shaking chills
     ○ Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
     ○ New loss of taste or smell
     ○ Muscle aches or body aches
     ○ Cough (not due to other known causes, such as a chronic cough)
     ○ Sore throat, when in combination with other symptoms
     ○ Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea when in combination with other symptoms
     ○ Headache when in combination with other symptoms
     ○ Fatigue, when in combination with other symptoms
     ○ Nasal congestion or runny nose (not due to other known causes, such as allergies) when in

        combination with other symptoms


Pool Testing:
  ● Riverside will offer pool testing to all staff and children once a week. This is a voluntary program that will help us identify positive cases and lower the spread of illness. (There is the possibility of a ‘test and stay’- like program coming to EEC centers soon)


Covid Exposure and Isolation:
The CDC and MDPH have agreed that due to the difficulty in finding tests, a PCR test, Antigen
test, or home Antigen test may be used to diagnose Covid or release individuals from
quarantine or isolation. Symptoms should always be used as a guide to when someone should
stay at home.
  ● Please notify the center immediately if your child or someone in the house has tested positive for Covid.
  ● If a member of the child’s household has Covid and they can not fully isolate from others they would quarantine with the family and start counting their quarantine period the day after the initial case is released from isolation. Day 0 is the last day they are exposed to a positive individual.


Close Contacts

  ● Close contact quarantine for children over age 2- Children will quarantine for 5 days, they may return on day 6 with a negative test (PCR or Antigen) and no fever.

  ● Close contact quarantine for Children under 2- Children will quarantine for 5 days with 3 consecutive negative tests on days 5,6, and 7. They can return on day 6 as long as they continue to have negative tests on days 6 and 7. (PCR or Antigen)


Covid Positive Cases

  ● Isolation for all positive cases- anyone who tests positive for Covid must isolate for 5 days, they can test on day 5 with a PCR or Antigen test.
     ○ If the test is negative and they are fever-free and symptoms are improving they can return on day 6.
     ○ If the test is positive, they will continue to test each day until it is negative or they reach day 10 and can return on day 11 if fever-free.
     ○ If they can not test they will remain in isolation for 10 days with a return on the 11th day if they are fever-free.
  ● Upon return, they will go back to regular mask usage for their age group.

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