Director’s Refelction 9/14/18    

Each year we close for one week to familes but our staff is still here.  We completly clean the center, have workshops, work on team building, enjoy lots of yummy food, and have meaningful coversations.  This year was no different than any other year but the vibe was extremely positive, from the beginning when 2 T-Rex’s came out dancing with confetti cannons to the conclusion with tours of each updated room. 

During one of our meaningful, round-table discussion I began noticing commom themes.  We discussed the importance of social/emotional development in the early years and the impact it has later in life.  We discussed the importance of advocating for children to develop theses social/emotional skills over academic skills prior to kindergarten in order for them to achieve success throughout their entire lives.  We discussed the importance of social emotional skills when working and communicating in one big RCC Team and in small teaching teams with one another.  The coversations about social/emotional development in early childhood and in our everyday lives were heart felt and eye opening.  

As the full RCC Team we decide our team goals for 2018/2019 are:

1. Be aware of our own social/emotional needs and our team member’s needs as we communicate with one another.

2. Advocate for the children when addressing the importance of social/emotional development in these early years of learning at RCC.

3. Advocate for the importance of social emotional development in early childhood for children’s life-long success in learning to the community.

A great article on Building Social Emotional Skills at Home by NAEYC can be found here.

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